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About NGIT

NGIT Services is a dynamic firm providing leading edge people centric solutions in Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions  and Information Technology Development. NGIT Services head office is based in Regina, Saskatchewan with clients from across Canada and around the world. 


NGIT partners with clients to identify unique needs and provide innovative solutions to remove the cybersecurity burden. Our team of experts will work with you to evaluate your business needs and build solutions so you can focus on your organization's core mission. We think of ourselves as your long-term partner, and aim to make an organization. Your success is our success. 


Initially established in 2009, NGIT has since grown service offerings to meet the unique needs of clients in the private and public sector. Our innovative and holistic service offerings are made possible by our brilliant and diverse consultants from Saskatchewan and abroad. Our consultants have extensive experience in Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Architects, Developers, Business Analysis and Quality Assurance. Additionally, NGIT is committed to constantly developing our staff to meet the ever changing cybersecurity landscape and your business needs. 

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