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Data Architect

Regina, SK, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


NGIT's client is looking for a Data Architect resource, Duties of the Resource will include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Establish processes for governing the identification, collection, and use of corporate metadata; take steps to assure metadata accuracy and validity.

  • Establish methods and procedures for tracking data quality, completeness, redundancy, and improvement.

  • Create short-term tactical solutions to achieve long-term objectives and an overall data management roadmap.

  • Assess and determine governance, stewardship, and frameworks for managing data across the organization.

  • Oversee the mapping of data sources, data movement, interfaces, and analytics, with the goal of ensuring data quality.

  • Conduct data capacity planning, life cycle, duration, usage requirements and feasibility studies.

  • Address data-related problems related to systems integration, compatibility, and multiple-platform integration.

  • Document the data architecture of an environment to maintain a current and accurate view of the larger data picture.

  • Identify and develop opportunities for data reuse, migration, or retirement.

  • Act as a leader and advocate of data management, including coaching, training, and career development to staff.

  • Collaborate with project managers and business unit leaders for all projects involving enterprise data.

  • Develop and promote data management methodologies and standards.

  • Develop long-term strategic goals for the data architecture vision and standards.

  • Create strategies and plans for data security, backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, and archiving.

  • Ensure data strategies and architectures meet all regulatory compliance.

  • Recommend and implement the appropriate tools, software, applications, and systems to support data technology goals.

About the Company

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